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Fidelis Fengu: Mujuru's Murderer Running For MP In Bulawayo East?

ZIMBABWE BE WARNED- General Solomon Mujuru’s Murderer will be running for MP in Bulawayo East

Posted on May 10, 2013  by  Sahwi   


Fidelis Fengu. Mujuru’s murderer. Chikurubi Candidate

This an urgent update people of Bulawayo and Zimbabwe as whole, Fidelis Fengu whose operation name is Chigure is running will be running for MP Bulawayo East and he has setup a team to whip people into line in that constituency. As I am writing he is in a meeting right now at Inkomo barracks with top commanders assembling this team to kill our fellow Zimbabweans. Let’s not forget that Fengu is the… same guy who together with Chiwenga with the help of Lebanon intelligence officers who are based in SA assassinated our celebrated freedom fight Solomon Rex Nhongo Mujuru. He is extremely dangerous; never undermine him as I caution you. When you look at his appearance you will sympathise with his disability appearance but he is using if to fool people around. His operation Inonzi Operation ‘Dark Knight’ and the team leader anonzi Bradley Furusa who is a military intelligence expert trained in Libya ID No. 58-1079635G-08 Fengu has also setup a 4 man team to get rid of his political enemies, he intends to assassinate Tabitha Khumalo MDC -T MP Byo East, Jack Matshazi and Rodrick Fayayo these people master minded the court case that challenged his appointment as special interest councillor. This will be done soon. Can you call these people and warn them of this impending evil operation against them. Do we know that Fidelis Fengu was also behind the trouble that Darren Spooner faced so that he could take over Chematek Pvt. Ltd. The people of Bulawayo must not vote for this monster or allow him to lead them. This man is here to revive Gukurahundi but now in a more sophisticated manner. Please act against him before he acts against you. Call Fengu now 0774886184 and 0737261313 Tell him you know what he is doing Meanwhile, let’s all make sure that we are registered to vote so as to get rid of these evil OLD people from my party. Whatever frustrations you encounter at any registration centres never give up, be extremely patient until you are registered. Take all required documents and go there in numbers. Never give up until you are registered. I urge all of you referred to as born-frees to grab this opportunity and pioneer a better country. My party’s aim is to frustrate first time and born free voters not to register to deliver a new Zimbabwe. Please make sure you check you registered your correctly spelt name, surname and ID number because the plan is to have a slight mistake which will make you fail to vote.















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