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Mthwakazi Liberation Front boxes Hoey and British establishment

MP Kate Hoey and the ZIPRA motion MP Kate Hoey and the ZIPRA motion

The Mthwakazi Liberation Front calls upon the British Queen, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and the British Prime Minister Mr David Cameroon, the British Parliament and the entire British citizenry to come in the open and tell the world about their brutality and atrocities to the Mthwakazi nation.

Now that the British are eager to table for debate in their parliament the circumstances around the downing of the Viscount by ZIPRA, Mthwakazi Liberation Front urges the same House to come clean on a number of issues pertaining to Britain's brutal conquest of our Mthwakazi country up to 1980.  

1) The British have a case to answer about the 1893-4 Genocide they committed together with the Shona collaborators when they burnt Bulawayo and killed over 16000 children, women and the aged.

 2) We expect the same House to reveal Lobengula's grave and explain to the world how and why they murdered His Majesty in such cold blood instead of capturing and trying His Majesty in a court of law. Mthwakazi deserves an explanation to this very grave matter.

3) MLF urges the House of Commons to put into motion British involvement in the second Mthwakazi Genocide of the 1980s code named Gukurahundi. Evidence is there to the effect that Britain assisted Mugabe and his Government in brutally murdering more than half a million Mthwakazians in the 80s. They were responsible for shutting out the world from witnessing this Mthwakazi Genocide by the Shona 5th Brigade of Zimbabwe. By categorically denying and refuting that Mthwakazi masses were wantonly being murdered, raped and tortured and their property destroyed, the British prevented those would-be whistle-blowers and helpers from exposing the regime and come to the aid to the aid of its Mthwakazi victims. MLF holds Britain accountable together with the Mugabe Regime for gross human atrocities. It is the British who awarded Mugabe ‘degrees’ of violence and a Knighthood in the years after he and his Zanu PF accomplices had committed the Genocide on our people. It must be noted that this exalting of Mugabe by Britain took place during the Genocide years.

5) The British ought to speak out on why they combined Mthwakazi and Zimbabwe without the consent of the citizens of Mthwakazi. We conclude by asking the same House where Kate Hoey sits, the Prime Minister of Britain Mr Cameroon and Queen to begin putting together reparations money for the Restoration of Mthwakazi State.

6) MLF calls upon Britain to revoke the Order In Council that is still enforced to this date to the detriment of Mthwakazi.

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