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Africa is alive


Africa is alive
It feels good to be an African
For I am proud to be an African
The land of natural beauty and natural bliss
The land of natural elegance and natural splendor
Welcome to the land of glamour
It feels good to be an African.

The hot sun hovers above in the skies
It is summer time once again
And its a cloud rat race for sure
In the twinkle of an eye
It’s all thunder and rainfall
Peace is disturbed in storms of hail
Heavens open with heavy down pours
Rivulets and rivers meander and roar in the African valleys
Africa gives thanks to the almighty above
The animal and the human Kingdoms alike
Africa is alive
It feels good to be an African.

Black Panthers love to hiss and chat in these happy times
Cheeters call each other to celebrate and party
The Lions roar as the African wild dogs growl
Africa is alive
Welcome to the land of wonder
Welcome to the land of splendor
It feels good to be an African.

The impish eagles whistle and dominate the skies with impunity
The hawks do their chanting as they claim their sky dominance
The fight for aerial territorial space is in action and in motion
The Flamingos can not afford to be out done
They vocalize their joys and sorrows on the edges of the African Lakes
The black bellied bustard birds add to the variety
They sing African songs of praise all day long
The scenery is beautiful and attractive indeed.

African nature speaks
African nature sings
It sighs too
What a beauty
What a wonder
Africa is irresistible
It feels good to be an African.

After Thabo Mbeki’s ‘I am an African’ speech, 8th May 1996

By Thembani Dube


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