1893 MHRRM: Who are We and Who is Who?

1893 MHRRM: Who are We and Who is Who?
Published: 22 January 2018 | by 1893 MHRRM Information and Publicity Dempartment

1893 Mthwakazi Human Rights Restoration Movement (1893 MHRRM): Who Are We?

We are a Human Rights Restoration Movement that represents a proud Nation made up of amalgamated tribes and races that have co-existed diversely and peacefully with each other for years. Mthwakazi (Matebeleland) is popularly known as Mthwakazi due to the local name of the San people, AbaThwa who were ruled by Queen Muthwa up to the 18th Century.

Our Nation’s everlasting and unbreakable bond is due to unity in diversity, collective colonial suffering and collective resistance to colonialism since 1893 when Mthwakazi Kingdom (Matebeleland) was invaded, destroyed and occupied by Rhodes and his cronies. After the destruction of our Nation by Rhodes and his cronies, two independent British colonies, Mthwakazi (Matebeleland) and Mashonaland were forcibly conjoined, without the consent of Mthwakazi Nation, to form Southern Rhodesia, then Zimbabwe-Rhodesia and ultimately what is called Zimbabwe today. Since 1893, we have suffered from colonization, genocides, segregation and marginalization in our own country for more than 100 years from both white and black occupying governments.

We are a Movement emerging from a Nation whose collective Human Rights as a Nation have been grossly trampled upon, severely assaulted and attacked since 1893. Our everlasting and unbreakable bond is also due to collective Gukurahundi Genocide suffering that we have and continue to experience at the hands of the Zimbabwean Government currently led by Emerson Mnangagwa and formerly led by the deposed Robert Gabriel Mugabe since 1980.

To push back the frontiers of both white and black occupation and genocide that we have faced and suffered as a Nation since 1893 up to this day, we, the people of Mthwakazi have collectively formed The 1893 Mthwakazi Human Restoration Movement (1893 MHRRM) to work collectively towards the Restoration of our Human Rights in the country of our forefathers and fore-mothers.

We are not a political party. We are an inclusive Human Rights Movement whose ultimate purpose is to restore the collective social, economic, educational, cultural, language and territorial rights of the people of Mthwakazi as well as their dignity and well-being.

The Movement also aims to hold accountable, those that have been found to be responsible for the destruction of this Nation. Unlike political parties whose agenda and purpose is mostly driven by partisan interests and ideologies, the 1893 Mthwakazi Human Rights Restoration Movement has its agenda and purposes firmly and mostly driven by a push for the Restoration of our collective Human Rights and our collective common interests as Mthwakazi people regardless of our diverse backgrounds, diverse languages and diverse cultural identities and traditions, diverse belief systems and diverse religious orientations or diverse organizational affiliations.

Mthwakazi, in her various diversities, as one entity, has collectively been subjected to various indiscriminate Human Rights violations such as segregation, discrimination, torture, suppression and genocide regardless of our individual religious orientations, cultural and language backgrounds, belief orientations and political organizational affiliations. It is with these indiscriminate mass abuses, mass rapes, mass beatings and mass killings of all persons Mthwakazi by Mthwakazi’s oppressors since 1893, that we can unite under this inclusive Mthwakazi Human Rights Restoration Movement and march as one Movement in one direction with one purpose in the great cause of the Restoration of our collective Human Rights as a people and a proud Nation.

Meet Your 1893 MHRRM International Board Leadership and Founders of the Organization

For the purposes of clarification and authenticity (not dishonesty, skulduggery and deceit), MHRRM was founded as 1893 MRM and rebranded as 1893 MHRRM by the Leadership below. This leadership constitute the International Board, the supreme organ of the organisation. The board runs the Organization and has oversight on its country-based programmes in Mthwakazi, South Africa, UK, Botswana and Canada.

Who is Who on the International Board? The Leadership and Founding Line Up

Vusani Maqeda Ngwenya: The President

Greater Sibanda: The Vice President

Vusie Sibanda: The Secretary General

Thembani Mthembo Dube: Co-Secretary of Information and Publicity

Ayanda Manala: Co-Secretary of Information and Publicity

 Nkosi Ndlovu: Secretary of Finance

Faith Mabandla: Secretary for Health and Well-being

Thomeki Dube: Secretary for History and Cultural Affairs

Nkosilathi Mkhwanazi: Secretary for Political Education and Re-orientation

Chrispen Nyoni: Secretary for Citizen and Community Empowerment

Maurice Bunu: Secretary for Business and Entrepreneurship

Onesimo Ncube: Secretary for Fundraising in Africa

 Edfil Mdluli: Secretary for Fundraising in the Diaspora

Rori Masiane: Secretary for International Affairs, Europe and Asia

Nkululeko Sapho Ndlovu: Secretary for International Relations, Americas, Canada and Caribbean Islands

Lungile Luxern Moyo: Secretary for Security Affairs

Ray “Golide” Tshuma: Secretary for Youths and Sporting Affairs

Alfred Ndlovu: Secretary for Agriculture and Horticulture

Siphambaniso Dube: International Matebeleland Football Agent

Our Main White and Black Logo: Symbols and Meanings

The Eagle:  Represents our strength, courage, tenacity and our hawkish vision to advance the Restoration of Matebele Human Rights

Knobkerrie and Spear: Represent the Right to Restore the might, power and authority of the Matebeleland Nation.

The Gold Colour: Represents our diverse and rich resources and wealth of the Mthwakazi (Matebeleland) Nation

Black and White Colour: Represents the Pride of our Nation and our Traditional Colours as captured in Highlanders “Bosso” Tshilamoya FC colours.

Two Stars: Represent God’s presence, love and guidance in our great push for the Restoration of Matebele Human Rights.

1893: This is the year in which Matebeleland Kingdom was destroyed by Cecil John Rhodes and his cronies

Our Aims

The 1893 Mthwakazi Human Rights Restoration Movement aims to Restore and Reclaim a broad spectrum of our collective Human Rights as a people and as a Nation. These Human Rights include land rights, health rights, employment rights, language and cultural rights, educational rights, resource and developmental rights and rights to business opportunities in our country (Mthwakazi). Our people must enjoy all these and be part of the Movement to ensure that they are able to influence the restoration and protection of these rights as citizens of Mthwakazi Nation.

The Movement believes in working directly with all our Mthwakazi communities in its Restoration approach, tackling the needs of local communities and Restoring the Human Rights of local communities so that they benefit from their diverse and rich local resources and as well as unlocking available local opportunities and local talents.

The ultimate and fundamental aim of the Movement is for our Nation to be a sovereign, independent and prosperous State of Mthwakazi. It is time for all of us as Mthwakazi Nationals to come together and join hands in Restoring our collective Human Rights as a Nation and engage in programmes of Restoring and Re- building our great Nation to be an independent, respectable and prosperous Nation among a family of global and progressive Nations.

The 1893 Mthwakazi Human Rights Restoration Movement is your Movement, is our Movement and is the Nation’s Movement for the Restoration of our collective Human Rights and collective interests as a people. Let us engage in this great Movement together and collectively as a progressive and resolute people who are united in our endeavours to restore our Rights and Our Nation. Collective efforts and unity will yield progress in our local communities and in our Mthwakazi Nation.

Pride and National Identity

Our Nation is identified by the pride of our ancestors’ rock (cave) paintings of abaThwa (San people) scattered around the hills and mountains of Mthwakazi, especially Matopo Hills, within the Jameson line, that is the border between Mthwakazi and Mashonaland. The rock paintings are one of the first inventions of writing that was done by our ancestors in an art form in Africa. This has never been acknowledged in the history of mankind. We are simply a unique Nation inhabited by unique people and we must ooze pride and a strong sense of patriotism and National identity.

Mthwakazi is also known for offering the greatest resistance to colonization in Southern Africa under the command of His Royal Majesty King Lobhengula in 1893. After the death of our heroic and indefatigable King, several wars of resistance were launched once more in 1896 and thereafter by the King’s regiments. Several heroic battles were fought in defence of our great mother- land in places such as Gadade in Ntabazinduna, Mfelabuso in Gwanda, Phuphu in Lupane, uMguza River, Insiza, Matopo and Tshangani to name but a few places. The spirits of our ancestors were not broken throughout these historic and heroic battles of resistance against colonialism. They were indefatigable in their fight against colonialism. Our spirit is not broken today and will not be broken tomorrow until victory is achieved.

The Movement is therefore a vehicle for all Mthwakazi people to put all their hands-on deck and re-awaken their patriotism, pride and identity, restore their dignity and Restore their Nation.

Key Colonization Dates of the Matebeleland Kingdom (The Royal Kingdom of Mthwakazi)

February 1888: The Fraudulent Moffat Treaty of friendship with Britain signed with King Lobhengula by Johan Moffatt, a colonial agent of Cecil John Rhodes, at the instigation of the deceptive and colonial crook Cecil John Rhodes. This treaty was deceptively signed with the full understanding and recognition that King Lobhengula was the legal and executive authority over the Matebeleland Kingdom.

30th October 1888: The Fraudulent Rudd Concession for exclusive mining rights for Rhodes and his colonial cronies was deceptively obtained by Charles Rudd; another colonial agent of Cecil John Rhodes. This treaty was once more a deceptive one signed however with the full understanding and recognition that King Lobhengula was the legal and executive authority over the Matebeleland Kingdom.

October 1893 to January 1894: Matebeleland Kingdom was invaded by Rhodes leading to one of the greatest wars ever fought in Southern Africa. The war is referred to as the First Matebele War. Impi YoMvukela Yakuqala.

18th July 1894: The 1894 Matabeleland Order in Council legal instrument that defined the administrative power of the British South Africa Company (BSAC) over Matabeleland and Mashonaland is passed. Matebeleland and Mashonaland are run independently as separate states with 2 Governors hence two state houses we have today.

20th October 1898: The 1898 Matebeleland Order in Council, a successor legal administrative instrument to 1894 Order in Council, that led to the renaming of Rhodesia as Southern Rhodesia is passed, accented to by the British Crown. Matebeleland and Mashonaland are still run independently with 2 governors.

March 1896 to October 1897: Second Matebele War otherwise known as Impi YoMvukela Yesibili.

27th October 1922: A whites only Referendum (without black Matebele consent and vote) is conducted to decide whether Matebeleland becomes a province of South Africa or is governed as a single entity with Mashonaland. The outcome was for a single entity of Governance as Southern Rhodesia much to the benefit of Mashonaland.

1983 to 1987: Gukurahundi Genocide committed by the regime of Robert Gabriel Mugabe and his cronies, where 50 000 to 100 000 died, and millions remain displaced into neighbouring countries and overseas.

July 2000 to Present: Confiscation of Matebeleland Land under the Fast Track Land Reform Programme, that targeted both White Farmers and the Matebele Lands

What we have done in the Past?

● Fencing of the Gadade Monument working in collaboration with uMhlahlo weSizwe as part of its Cultural and Historical Restoration Agenda in 2014

● Contributed to the Court fines for the 2 Mthwakazi Youth Joint Resolution Leaders in 2015 who had been sentenced to 3 months jail or had to pay $500 each to be released.

● Contributed to the transportation of bricks to build toilets at Mhlahlandlela in 2015

● Providing buses for transport for King Mzilikazi Day and Gadade Day Commemorations in 2016

● Partnering uLoyiko South African theatre group to launch and stage their Matebele “Gukurahundi” Genocide Play in South Africa since May 2016

● Carried out an interview on Gukurahundi Genocide with South Africa’s biggest Radio Station, SAFM Radio as part of preparations for Demonstrations in Dec 2017

● Carried out International Demonstrations on Matebele “Gukurahundi” Genocide in the United Kingdom and Republic of South Africa in partnership with various Matebeleland Organisations and other organizations from other countries, including Tamils, whose people are suffering Human Rights violations in their respective countries in 2017

● Participated in the Tamil Human Rights Conference in London in 2017 as per invitation

● One of its officials, Thembani Dube, donated football kits to various football teams in Bulawayo (Ajax Hotspurs, Mthwakazi United FC, King Lobhengula FC), Kalani FC in Tsholotsho and donated a kit in Lupane for an event promoting Activism Against Gender Violence. Magama FC and Stars FC battled it out for the kit in front of the enthusiastic Lupane Community. Stars FC won and was awarded the kit in 2016/2017.

● 1893 MHRRM members established HRM King Lobhengula FC “Amawaba” in 2016 and the Club held its HIV/Aids Tournament in Oct 2017 for 3 days. 18 teams participated, including Highlanders, in under 14, 16 and 18 categories. A kit and a trophy were won in each category. 2 500 to 3 000 people attended.

What we are working on at present?

We are currently working on programs for the collective restoration and exercise of our human rights in various sectors in Mthwakazi. Together and collectively we can make a lasting difference in Mthwakazi. Be part of the Movement and add value to its programs and in- tended programs. We also invite you to bring your own ideas and projects or program proposals that can be considered by the Movement, to further uplift and promote Mthwakazi nation.

Where can you find us?

Currently we have an International leadership, the International Board, based in the UK, Canada,   RSA, Botswana and Mthwakazi. We are hoping to be expanding into other countries as we reach out to all Mthwakazi people found around the world. We are happy to assist Mthwakazi people found in countries that are not mentioned above to join the Movement and form structures in their respective countries.

How do I join the Movement and who can I contact?

All Mthwakazi people can join the patriotic Movement. Be part of a powerful collective force and collective voice for the restoration of our collective human rights and collective interests. Join and play your important part for the greater good of the Nation. We are Putting Mthwakazi First in whatever we do. Please contact the following officials in the following respective Countries listed below who will help you with further information and any help you may need to join the Movement.

United Kingdom

Name: Thembani Dube, 1893 MHRRM Co-Secretary for Information and Publicity
Email: 1893informationpublicitysecs@gmail.com
Tel:+44 (0) 7889 422 695

Name: Rori Masiane, 1893 MHRRM Secretary for International Relations, Europe and Asia
Email: 1893informationpublicitysecs@gmail.com
Tel: +44 (0) 7533 120 513


Name: Nkululeko Sapho Ndlovu, 1893 MHRRM Secretary for International Relations, Americas, Canada and Caribbean Islands
Email: saphondlovu@gmail.com
Tel: +16048027646

Royal Kingdom of Mthwakazi (Matebeleland)

Name: Gift Ngwenya, 1893 MHRRM Chairman, Mthwakazi
Tel: +263 77 594 5101/+263 718 264 784

Name: Greater Sibanda, 1893 MHRRM Vice President
Email: greatersibanda386@gmail.com
Tel: +2 (63) 713 498 974

Republic of South Africa

Name: Vusani Maqeda Ngwenya, 1893 MHRRH President
Tel: + 27 747 395 454
Email: vusaningwenya998@gmail.com

Republic of Botswana

Name: Onesimo Ncube, 1893 MHRRM, Secretary for Fundraising, Africa
Email: onesimosakhe@gmail.com
Tel: +2 (6) 771 549 204

Name: Nkosilathi Mkhwananzi, Secretary for Political Education and Re-Orientation
 Email: intelsolutions21@gmail.com
Tel:+ 26 777 814 592

Released by the 1893 Mthwakazi Human Rights Restoration Movement (1893 MHRRM) Information and Publicity Department 2018, All rights reserved

- Source: 1893 MHRRM Info and Publicity Dept, published by umthwakazireview.com


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