Mugabe in a cage, No to Presidency of Butcher of Matebeleland:MLF

Mugabe in a cage, No to Presidency of Butcher of Matebeleland:MLF
Published: 17 November 2017 | by Andrea Sibanda, MLF

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17 November 2017


The people of Matebeleland (Mthwakazi) will only celebrate the dethronement of Robert Gabriel Mugabe from power in present-day Zimbabwe, only when a two state solution is implemented immediately and with great urgency that it deserves as a way forward.

Matabeleland (Mthwakazi) was annexed by Britain without any provocation in 1893, and subsequently incorporated through the RULE BY CONQUEST into a single unitary state system with Mashonaland (present- day Zimbabwe) without the consent of both its peoples.

Mthwakazi will therefore not tolerate another thirty-seven (37) years or more of foreign domination at the hands of Shona people, whether led by ZANU-PF or any other party for that matter.

Emmerson Mnangagwa has been the right hand man of Robert Gabriel Mugabe for the whole period of 37 years, serving as the Security Minister in Mugabe’s office during the infliction of genocide, ethnic cleansing, rapes, torture, disappearances and all forms of brutality on the people of Matabeleland (Mthwakazi). Other despicable crimes included burying people alive in mass graves and disused mine shafts, as well as bayoneting pregnant women to kill their unborn babies in their wombs. Evil apartheid never degenerated to that kind of brutality throughout its history in South Africa.

Emmerson Mnagangwa, together with his boss Robert Gabriel Mugabe and others within their drunken power similar to that of ADOLF Hitler which exterminated millions of Jews, are responsible for slaughtering more than 500,000 Matebeles. As a matter of fact, Emmerson Mnangagwa is one of the KEY ARCHITECTS OF GENOCIDE AND ETHNIC CLEANSING AGAINST THE PEOPLE OF MTHWAKAZI (MATEBELELAND). To this very day these people numbering more than half a million are still not buried, and they cannot be buried as the regime targets anyone undertaking such a cultural exercise on behalf their dead.

Just over ten (10) days, Dumiso Dabengwa and others were prevented from praying at one disused Mine Shaft in Bhalagwe, where hundreds of our people were thrown into the shaft alive. There can be no doubt that the Mine Shafts and MASS LIVE BURIALS in Mthwakazi are similar to the instruments of Gas Chambers though different in scale used by Adolf Hitler against the Jews.

The perpetrators of these ghastly crimes against the Jews were brought to justice, and the hunt for some continues to this very day. How then can Emmerson Mnangagwa be rewarded with Presidency of present-day Zimbabwe (an imposed unitary state system which includes Matebeleland - Mthwakazi) not only by the ZANU-PF militia led by General Chiwenga, but similarly rubber stamped and approved by the entire world, whose leaders also include those constituting the African Union (AU) and the Southern African Development Community (SADC)?

Emmerson Mnangagwa is a BUTCHER of the people of Matebeleland (Mthwakazi). There is no way or time when he will be acceptable to the people of Matebeleland (Mthwakazi). If he is imposed by the ZANU-PF militia as the next President of Zimbabwe to continue as before inflicting crimes against the people of Matebeleland (Mthwakazi) through the instrument of RULE BY CONQUEST, then the entire international community needs to recognize and understand that the RIGHTS OF THE PEOPLE OF MATEBELELLAND (MTHWAKAZI) REMAIN RESERVED.


The international community will have created what it calls and labels terrorist out of the entire people of Matebeleland (Mthwakazi). We will oppose this imposition and continuation of the RULE BY CONQUEST with everything at our disposal. We will not stand by and not only watch but witness the complete annihilation of the people of Matebeleland (Mthwakazi) in whatever format, be it psychologically, culturally, socially, economically, politically, educationally, infrastructural, developmentally and so on.


General Constantino Chiwenga observed correctly, namely that as a militia, they were not oblivious to the ongoing conflicts in many countries of Africa. He said therefore that they had DETHRONED Robert Gabriel Mugabe to prevent those types of conflicts ever being played out in his country Zimbabwe. We would therefore openly advice this General without fear of favour that, installing the BUTCHER of the Matebeles, Emmerson Mnangagwa, will directly result in the type of conflicts he mentioned in his statement.


We are therefore in total agreement with the view expressed, not by the AU or SADC, BUT by the Organisation of Ermerging Africa States (OEAS), a superior continental organisation in thinking and philosophy than the AU and SADC combined, that the way forward in the imposed unitary state of present-day Zimbabwe should be the implementation of a TWO-STATES solution with immediate effect, MATEBELELAND and MASHONALAND, constituted and separated by the historic boundaries (borders) that were signed for by King Lobengula between Mthwakazi and Leander Starr Jameson representing Mashonaland (the Jameson line), and between Mthwakazi and Barotseland (present-day Zambia) and between Mthwakazi and Botswana (then Bechuanaland) and lastly between Mthwakazi and South Africa (then Transvaal).


All these borders were signed for by our King Lobengula and not a single one was ever signed for by Nehanda, Kagubi and or any of the grandparents of Shona people who today call themselves Zimbabweans. It cannot therefore be correct that the people of Mthwakazi as descendants of a great and properly constituted Kingdom of Mthwakazi which had diplomatic relations with the rest of the world must continue to benefit death, destruction and perpetual insignificance from Shona HEGEMONY as constructed and passed on by the British to Robert Gabriel Mugabe, Emmerson Mnangagwa and their butcher henchmen.


As the people of Matebeleland (Mthwakazi), we have really tried to appeal for help regarding our plight throughout the world, but this world, all of it, from newly liberated countries like South Africa to the former colonialists themselves, notably the British are all DEAF. It is like they don’t want see or hear any evil. Worse still, some of these countries such as Britain have actually colluded with Robert Gabriel Mugabe, Emmerson Mnangagwa and their BUTCHERING team in exterminating the Matebeles.


We are not therefore surprised that the dethronements of Robert Gabriel Mugabe by his little monsters have triggered a wave of reactions from President Jacob Zuma, the European Commission, Donald Trump’s administration, and from Boris Johnson, British Foreign Secretary – a person that we have tried to engage as MLF without any response. All the reactions from these world leaders have one thing in common: they have all turned a blind eye to the plight of the people of Mthwakazi.


These same world leaders must therefore not raise an eyebrow when the people of Mthwakazi finally take a stance and oppose the RULE BY CONQUEST as historically and contemporarily dished out by Britain, Robert Gabriel Mugabe and Mnangagwa’s Zimbabwe for a combined period of one hundred and twenty four (124) years, with the determination never experienced before. These same leaders must therefore not rush to label the people of Mthwakazi with all criminal terminologies when that happens, because it will not bother us, after all we have been condemned to death by the same international community that includes the AU and SADC for far too long


For the people of Mthwakazi (Matebeleland), therefore, the composition of the Interim Government for Mthwakazi (Matabeleland) must take place immediately with the urgency it deserves, and should be inclusive of all Mthwakazi political formations and the royal family.


War criminals associated with the former regime of Robert Gabriel Mugabe, including Mnangagwa should be detained for trial by an international chaired tribunal under the guidance of the Interim Government of Mthwakazi. Those who will have escaped justice will have to be hunted down in ways similar to the methodologies followed by the Jews when they hunted down the Nazi Butchers. The determination of the division of assets and property between Mthwakazi and Zimbabwe should be embarked upon simultaneously as the separation of the two sates (Mthwakazi and Mashonaland or Zimbabwe whatever they want to call themselves) gets under way.

All property belonging to the former state of Zimbabwe should be seized and transferred to the people of Mthwakazi immediately. One of the first determination for this new Mthwakazi administration will be to swiftly introduce a new distinct currency that will be supported by an open market economy. Everything else will have to follow driven by a formidable infrastructure strategy and investment that will overhaul the economic system, education system, health system, transportation and many others as a matter of urgency.

A Restitution and Reconciliation Commission focusing among others the land that has been stolen by Robert Gabriel Mugabe, Emmerson Mnangagwa and their butcher henchmen should be formed at the earliest possible opportunity to address and rectify historic injustices visited on all citizens of Matabeleland (Mthwakazi) by the former regime.

We therefore urge all the people of Mthwakazi to participate without fear or favour and act quickly before outside powers and hyenas move to install Emmerson Mnangawa and his henchmen to continue the RULE BY CONQUEST, propping him up and his regime for another 37 years for the billions of dollars that Zimbabwe owes its creditors the world over.


The overriding and only key objective of the people of Matebeleland (Mthwakazi) is the complete restoration (exit) from the present imposed colonial unitary system (boundaries) of Zimbabwe by forming a different State of Mthwakazi based on pre-colonial boundaries as a fully-fledged member of the United Nations and other international and regional bodies. The State of Mthwakazi will comprise the historic indigenous boundaries, and be based on the rule of law that provides enforceable protection and rights to all its citizens who live in it, irrespective of their ethnic groups, race, creed, religious affiliation or sexuality.

Justifications for the restoration or re-creation of a new State of Mthwakazi range as follows: that,

  • Matebeleland comprises historic indigenous areas for the Matebele people,

  • Matebeleland was forcibly incorporated by British colonialists into the present unitary system without consultation and consent of the Matebele people,

  • Britain (being the country and power) responsible for this incorporation subsequently failed (in the course of the de-colonisation process) to provide enforceable protection of democratic rights to all the citizens of such a unitary system which was created without due consideration to ethnic (national) groupings, boundaries, linguistic and cultural concerns,

  • Britain then failed to intervene to protect the Matebele people against the horrific genocide and ethnic cleansing perpetrated by the Shona people led by Robert Gabriel Mugabe with Emmerson Mnangagwa being one of the architects and key drivers of the extermination campaign, 

  • the Shona people (as a collective) responsible for this barbaric genocide chose a fascist path of annihilating Matebeles, and therefore have no one but itself as a group to blame for the complete breakdown of the convenient colonial unitary marriage system, 

  • the path of inflicting genocide was chosen with the full knowledge that the Matebeles had no means whatsoever to defend themselves,

  • this international crime was committed with the full knowledge that there would be no outside intervention (from within the region, internationally, or from the former colonial power Britain) to stop it with those responsible being punished,

  • the creation and restoration of a new State of Mthwakazi would thus prevent the completion of the annihilation, eradication and ethnic cleansing of the Matebele people by Emmerson Mnangagwa after he succeeds Robert Gabriel Mugabe,

  • such a State of Mthwakazi would ensure the basic survival of the Matebele people as a member of the human species in their own inherited historic land regions,

  • the State of Mthwakazi will prevent the deliberate policy of ethnic cleansing and outright discrimination by restoring the rights of the Matebele people in all the socio-economic, political and cultural fields, as well as their inalienable contribution rights to shape their destiny, and 

  • that, the new State of Mthwakazi will thus prevent the current practice of importing workers from Mashonaland regions of Zimbabwe (as government employees, party functionaries, police, army and intelligence personnel, contract workers, doctors, teachers, and other such settlers) from ever again displacing the original inhabitants of Matebeleland.

    The Matebele people of Matebeleland (Mthwakazi) reserve the right to self-determination under international law and other UN provisions that apply to colonised, unjustly oppressed people, and in this case, victims of genocide and ethnic cleansing. Like many peoples of the world who have been subjected to various despicable forced unitary systems such as Zimbabwe, the Matebele people have the right to strive for a just and good society based on democratic principles, openness and equality in the ways they see it.

    Examples of countries that had been artificially contrived (with force) into unitary state systems abound. The former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) survived as a unitary system for more than 70 years. By the late 1980s this unitary system had suddenly crumbled with the peoples of the former republics regaining their different nationalities: The Georgians, Ukrainians, Latvians, Lithuanians, Azerbaijanians, Mongolians and others. In the case of Chechnya, the peoples of the world saw and learned important lessons the extent to which determined people will struggle to regain their freedom, identity, nationhood and sovereignty if denied a peaceful secession (divorce).

    The world can also draw important lessons from the experience of the former Yugoslavia which functioned as a unitary system for approximately 50 years. Here too the rationale for retaining an archaic repressive system was destroyed by the determination of a people yearning for freedom and nationhood resulting in the re-birth of Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. Hundreds of thousands of people died for the realisation of this dream, and in the latter case, genocide was committed against the civilians. In addition, the Albanian people of Kosovo also paid a heavy price in their desire to secede from Yugoslavia, with the international community intervening after various atrocities had been committed and the livelihood of Albanians virtually destroyed.

    In Zimbabwe the Matebele people would prefer a peaceful separation ("velvet divorce") as was the case in Czechoslovakia reverting back into the Czech and Slovakia republics. In this case the original indigenous regions for the Matebele people would revert back to the State of Mthwakazi, with those of Mashonaland retaining the name Zimbabwe (if they wish), or reverting back to Nehanda, Chimurenga, or indeed whatever they were before colonialism.

    The important principle that needs to be highlighted and indeed established is that ethnic groups in Africa are essentially national groups with a long history of existence.  The only distinction is essentially labelling considerations (stereo-types) on the part of those using the terms, with the characteristics that define ethnic and national groups remaining constant. Thus the characteristics that define Russians, Jews, Palestinians, Irish, Germans, English, Scots, and so on, are not different from those that define Shonas and Matebeles. All are essentially different national groups with own history, language, culture, and territory, etc. In the case of Zimbabwe, for example, the Shonas are accustomed to singing and dancing when paying their last respects to their dead, whereas the Matebeles regard this as completely unacceptable and an insult to the memory of dead.

    The Matebele people are therefore aware that their determination to free themselves from the imposed unitary tyrannical system has been dismissed by Robert Gabriel Mugabe, Emmerson Mnangagwa and the entire ZANU-PF regimes as "tribalistic" and other famous propaganda slogans such as "being used by enemies of ZANU-PF or whites" and "traitors". The Matebele people are not in the least concerned about such labels. They are prepared to be called anything that Mugabe, Emmerson Mnangagwa and ZANU-PF desire, but the act of surrender or awaiting the final solution (Holocaust) is definitely not an option. The pivotal issue is that from the moment of Zimbabwe’s independence to the present day, the Matebele people of Matebeleland have been subjected and remain under constant threat of genocide and ethnic cleansing. The Matebele people therefore reserve the right never again to endanger their security and their right to exist. 

    As already pointed out, the Matebele people would prefer to exit Zimbabwe peacefully and create their own State of Mthwakazi through the mechanism of discussions. However, should this peaceful approach fail, they are determined to achieve their security and their right to exist through the establishment of a separate independent state from Zimbabwe by other mechanisms. If the powerful machinery of a former super power USSR could not stop determined peoples from achieving their liberation and freedom, there is absolutely nothing the Matebeles have not already experienced and endured as a people that Robert Gabriel Mugabe’s successor, Emmerson Mnangagwa and ZANU-PF could do to stop them from achieving their right of existence. The people of Mthwakazi will no longer tolerate any more atrocities. 

    The incoming Emmerson Mnangagwa's regime and ZANU-PF should be well aware of fact that there were able to commit genocide and ethnic cleansing with impunity against a defenceless civilian population. There was never a single person who tried to resist or challenge them. It was not because the Matebele people could not fight back. It was simply because ZAPU was more concerned about unity and appeasement, and not justice. Besides, the national executive of ZAPU was composed of 95 per cent Shona executive leaders. As such a climate of indecision and confusion characterised ZAPU, after all the slaughter was directed against the Matebele people. In turn, the 5 per cent Matebele executive leaders of ZAPU could not take a decision to resist the slaughter for fear of being labelled tribalists, traitors or agents of whites.

    One of the most stable observations of the entire population of Matebeleland (Mthwakazi) is that they have basically been shunned by the world community. The United Nations (UN) has never intervened at any time to rein in Robert Gabriel Mugabe’s regime whose main architect Emmerson Mnangagwa has always been part of its fabric since 1980, when they inflicted the ghastly crimes against the Matebele people of Matebeleland (Mthwakazi). The same situation is true in respect of the AU and SADC. These two bodies can only be likened to defenders of brutal dictators in the whole of Africa. This is why the people of Mthwakazi are not surprised when both the AU and SADC have been quick to criticize the dethronement of Robert Gabriel Mugabe, but at the same time supporting the imminent rise of Emmerson Mnangagwa as the next butcher of the people of Matebeleland (Mthwakazi).


    Both these organisations (the AU and SADC) have never at any time raised any concerns on behalf of the continued persecution of the people of Mthwakazi by the Shona led regime of Robert Gabriel Mugabe. These same organisations are now fully backing Emmerson Mnangagwa to become another BUTCHER of the Matebele people of Matebeleland (Mthwakazi). In the case of President Jacob Zuma of South Africa, it is not that he is not aware of the persecution of the Matebele people through genocide, ethnic cleansing and various other horrific crimes.


    He is aware, and has always been aware even before South Africa achieved freedom in 1994. The exodus of the Matebele people since 1980 fleeing into South Africa and other neighbouring countries such as Botswana is all before President Zuma’s eyes and knowledge, yet at no time has he ever intervened to ensure that the people of Mthwakazi are protected in their own homeland of Matebeleland (Mthwakazi).


    For our part, the Mthwakazi Liberation Front (MLF) as representatives of our people of Mthwakazi, we will continue raise the plight of the Matebeles with all the powers that be, including the AU and SADC, because with have no choice but to keep hoping that may be one day both these organisations will stop protecting BUTCHERS. However, given that both these organisations have never at any time acknowledged our submissions as MLF, regarding the plight of our people of Mthwakazi which we have been sending them continuously, there will come a time when we will force their hand to take ghastly crimes perpetrated against our people seriously.


    That time will be when we reach the decision to resist this savageness with overwhelming force. Ours is a just cause, and when that happens, the world will witness what a determined people with nothing to lose can do in order to survive on this earth. The entire world community must therefore take note that the people of Mthwakazi want to live in peace in their own country Mthwakazi, and that they will never succumb ever again to the Rule By Conquest of any kind from whomsoever is imposed in Zimbabwe (be it Emmerson Munangagwa or any other).


    It is in light of the above outlined reality and status quo, that, we urgently appeal to the entire international community, including the AU and SADC to intervene swiftly to resolve the plight of the Matebeles in present-day Zimbabwe with great urgency, by ensuring that a two states solution is realised without any further delay.


    All that we are asking for is the RESTORATION OF OUR COUNTRY MTHWAKAZI. We do not want Zimbabwe. We only want what is ours. This is the goal that we will live for perpetually, together with our generations to come. No amount of force and imposition will make us become Zimbabweans. It is in these terms therefore, that the entire world community need to understand that the people of Matebeleland (Mthwakazi) will never accept EMMERSON MUNGANGAGWA as their next RULER BY CONQUEST.





- Source:MLF, published by


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